Street Level Ministry

Join us for weekly evangelistic outreach and training.

God really used Street Level Ministry in my life. I used to be scared to share my faith with other people. I was really taken out of my comfort zone and entered God’s zone, and it was amazing how He changed so many lives, including my own life through this unique ministry.

– Brian, Now a Missionary in Macedonia

I was shocked by the kinds of spiritual conversations my team and I were able to have. It was amazing to talk with people about their spiritual beliefs and lives, so I kept coming back for more over the next few years.

– Scott, Teacher

Street Level has helped with support both in prayer and finances to allow us to rescue the disabled of Nepal. They have a unique ministry to help people see where there are great needs in the world that Jesus wants to fill.

– Michael Picone, President, New Life International Ministries

At the beginning of the night, I was unsure of how I would share the Gospel with other people. As the night went on, I became more confident with sharing the gospel with others and felt so much joy when I got done talking to them.

– Justina, Student